Page 2 Modeling a Tank: Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Open file wheel_curves.3dm and save it out as wheel.3dm on your local hard drive in your subdirectory called tank.

Explanation of curves: These curves are comprised of some PolyLines and Arcs that are joined with the intention of creating the tire and wheel with a Revolve. Not too much to add about these construction curves except that the curve that forms the tread part of the curve has been split and rejoined so that after the revolve the 'PolySurface' (more than 1 surface joined together) created will have a surface that creates a tread surface and 2 sidewall surfaces as shown below.

From the right view and with 'End' osnap on select the curve and hit Revolve and snap to the lower part of the curve and with shift held down (for temporary Ortho) drag to the right and click to bring up the 'Revolve Options' dialog box and use the 'Exact' option.

Turn on the 'tread curves' layer and from the top view hit zoom extents. Hit ExtractSrf and select the 'tread' part of the tire surface.