Page 23 Modeling a Tank: Thingers


Open the thinger_curves.3dm file and save it out as thingers.3dm on your local hard drive in your subdirectory called 'tank'.

Explanation of curves: What you have here are some curves that we can Extrude and Filletedge but we also want to make them solids so that boolean could be used in a variety of ways. The nice thing about booleans is that you can add them in one place and then subtract them from someplace else for a completely different effect.

Select the curves shown below and Extrude 'Cap=No' a distance of 330.

Note: We're going to both of the objects at the same time when we can.

Ok select the 2 curves just inside the last 2 and Extrude them back about 1 grid.

Hit PlanarSrf and select the front edge of the outer surface when prompted to 'Select planar curves to build surface:' and then select the front edge of the inner surface. When the 'Choose One Object' dialog prompt pops up hit OK(in this case it doesn't matter.) Hit enter to complete the command. Shown in progress below.