Page 24 Modeling a Tank: Thingers

Do the same with the other object to the right.

Hit PlanarSrf again and select the back edge of the inner surface and hit enter to complete the command. Shown in progress below.

Do the same with the other object. So to get the results shown below.

Hit SelSrf and then hit JoinSrf.

Hit FilletEdge with a 'Radius' of 4 and select the edges shown below. If you get some errors about the fillets don't worry about it as long as they look Ok. But if they do look messed up Explode them and use FilletSrf instead.

Well, all we need to do now is Extrude the other curves at different lengths and move them so they intersect the bases and then BooleanDifference them so that they create a solid. Select all the inner curves that we haven't used yet and hit Extrude 'Cap=Yes' and drag the extrusion about 9 grids.

Select all the extrusions and drag them back at least 1 grid so they all intersect the 'bases' and then grab individual extrusions and move them so they are at random distances. Similar to what's shown below.