Page 26 Modeling a Tank: Thingers

Open 'assembly.3dm' and hit Import Clipboad and create a layer called 'thingers' and ChangeLayer the selected objects to that layer.

Drag and Rotate the thingers objects to the approximate locations shown below.

Copy the grill and drag it aside and zoom in on the grill area.

Scale1D the grill as shown below. It's scaled from the top with a factor of .7 with temporary Ortho on. The object of this scaling is to have the grill completely within the body surface.

Hit BooleanDifference and select the body and then the grill to subtract it from the body. If it doesn't subtract just make sure the grill is completely within the boundaries of the body.

Drag, Rotate and Mirror the second grill to subtract it from the back of the body.

Select the turret sensor and drag it back into the turret further. The outer surface of the sensor needs to cleanly Intersect with the turret.

Hit Dupedge and select the back edge of the sensor shown below.

Hit Intersect and select the turret and the sensor. Result shown below.