Page 27 Modeling a Tank: Thingers

Select the sensor and the intersect curve and Ortho drag them to the right about 1 grid. Result shown below.

Hit ExtractSrf and select the surface that the 'Intersect' curve lies on.

Hit Split and select the extracted surface as the 'surface to split' and the Intersect curve as the 'cutting object.'

Select the trimmed surface and the sensor and hit JoinSrf.

In the front view select the dupedge curve that was made several steps back.

In the right view and hit Offset a 'Distance' of 15. And select outside the curve when prompted for side to offset. Shown in progress below.

Select the new offset curve and hit Project and select the turret when prompted: 'Select surfaces or polysurfaces to project onto: '

Delete the curve that is projected onto the back of the turret.

Split the turret with the projected curve at the front of the turret.

Delete the split object and the curve used to create the split and you should have the result shown below.