Page 29 Modeling a Tank: Thingers

This sensor will be easier to deal with using a Loft instead of a Blend. The reason a blend would be difficult with the tank body is because it is very much a PolySurf, in other words it is made of many surfaces and it's difficult to blend 2 or more surfaces to one single surface.

Besides using a Loft instead of a Blend this is very similar to the process used for the previous sensor.

DupEdge the back of the lower sensor.

In the right view Offset the dupedge a 'Distance' of 15 units. The image below shows the outer offset curve highlighted.

Project the offset curve from the right view onto the tank body. While the new projected curve is still selected hit Join. De-select just the curve projected to the front of the body and hit Delete, to get rid of the curve projected to the back of the body.

Hit Intersect and select the body and the sensor and in the front view drag the sensor, with the intersection curve, to the right about ½ grid.

Select the projected curve and the intersect curve and hit Loft.

It is necessary to move the 'seams' of the 2 curves for the loft to work correctly. Drag each of the 'seams' to the top middle of the curve as indicated by the crosshair's below.

Use the 'Straight section' and 'Refit to within .01' options. Result shown below.