Page 31 Modeling a Tank: Thingers

Open the assembly.3dm file and hit Import Clipboard.

Drag, Scale, and Rotate the object to how its placed below. Note that in the front view the teeth of the vent are pointing up.

Use Shear in the top and front view to get the faces of the surfaces to align with the turret surface better, as shown below.

Note: Shear, Taper and Bend can be a bit confusing sometimes. The thing to remember is that the first point you place is going to be the place that isn't going to move. I made some icons for myself that are kind of instructional in the or shown below.

You have to place the boolean object kind of deep into the turret so that you have a nice clean trim line.

Hit Pipe and select the outer edge of the boolean and give it a 'Diameter' of 5 . Before and after shots shown below.

And that's it for details. Don't forget to save out.