Page 35 Modeling a Tank: Missle Launcher

Missle Launcher

Turn off all the layers and turn on the 'missile curves' layer and make it current.

Select the curves shown and hit Loft and use the 'Straight sections' style and "Do not simplify" options.

Select the loft object and hit or type Cap.

In the right or top view select the 5 circles and hit Extrude 'Cap=Yes' and drag the extrusion about 2 grids.

Select the extrusions (not the curves) and drag them over to the missile box. Hit BooleanDifference and select the box and then one of the pipes and repeat to boolean the rest of the pipes.

Note: If the boolean doesn't subtract the pipe and the box is subtracted instead, hit Undo and select the box, hit Dir and 'FlipNormal' and try again to get the results shown below.

From the top view and with 'End' osnap on, select the curve shown below and hit Revolve. Snap to the right end of the curve and drag to the left with shift held down to create the axis.

In the perspective view hit Copy and with 'End' and 'Center' osnap on select the tip of the missile and then hover the cursor over one of the circles so that the 'Center' osnap comes into play and left click. With the Copy command still active repeat this action on the other circles to get the result shown below.