Page 36 Modeling a Tank: Missle Launcher

Select the new missiles and drag them back into the launcher.

Make the 'radar' layer current and hide any other layers.

Select the curves shown below and hit Loft and use the 'Straight sections" style and 'Do not simplify' options.

Select the curves shown below and hit Loft and hit Ok and then hit Cap.

In the top view select the curve shown below and hit Revolve and with the 'End' osnap on select the lower end and drag a axis to the left or right with shift down, (shown in progress below,) click and except the default settings and hit Ok.

Select the visor for the sensor in the front view and with the 'End' osnap off, drag it down over the sensor shown below. Be sure to drag it down far enough down to completely intersect the sensor so that you can be booleaned together later.

Optional: Copy the visor, drag and Scale it to go over the missle launcher as well.