Page 39 Modeling a Tank: Missle Launcher

Open the 'assembly.3dm' file and right Import Clipboard.

Make a new layer called 'cannon' and ChangeLayer the imported objects to that layer.

Hooray again. Well almost, all you need to do is mirror the wheels and fenders across to the other side (use SelLayer). Actually you only need the front wheel and fender. Optionally you can give the objects some different materials. Even if you plan to Export the model into another program to do the final material assignment and render I think it's a good idea to assign simple color materials in Rhino because it's fast and easy and you can rough it in and get a basic color composition as well as keep things better organized. Also I would uncheck 'Render backfaces' in the 'Render' options and see if any normals need to be flipped. The surfaces I found that needed to be flipped using the Dir command are highlighted below.

Another thing that is a good thing to do is make an icon and paste these commands into it " SelAll SimplifyCrv Improve SelNone " without the quotes. See the Options page for more information on customizing icons. This will Simplify curves where possible and reparameterize the surfaces, which means that any texture maps you apply to the surfaces will basically give expected results. Don't forget to save out.