Page 4 Modeling a Tank: Wheels and Tires

Select the 3 surfaces at the top of the tire created from splitting and hit ShrinkTrimmedSrf. If you want to see what ShrinkTrimmedSrf does, turn on the control Points PtOn for the 3 surfaces before and after using ShrinkTrimmedSrf.

From the front view and with the 3 surfaces still selected hit Scale2D and with 'End' osnap on, place the origin point in the center of the wheel and for the Scale factor type in 1.1. Result shown below.

Hit Loft with the 'Automatic' option and in the perspective view and select the curves highlighted below. Use the 'Normal' option and refit to within .5 units option.

Loft as in the previous step on the other 2 treads.

Hit select all curves SelCrv and Delete them or ChangeLayer them to the 'tread curves' layer.

Hit Join and click on one of the tread sides and then the tread top surface and hit enter to complete the command. Repeat with the other 2 treads. If the surfaces won't join go to Options/Units and raise the 'absolute tolerance' to .6 and try again.