Page 6 Modeling a Tank: Fenders


Open the fender_curves.3dm file and save it out as fender.3dm on your local hard drive in your subdirectory called tank.

Explanation of curves: What you have here are 2 oval curves that will create the fenders and 2 other curves on the 'trim curves' layer are for trimming after. The inner oval curve was made with the tire in the scene and a curve drawn around it. Offset was then used a distance of 25. Unfortunately this creates a curve with too many points in it so Copy 'InPlace' was used on the outer curve and Scale2D was used to be close to the same size as the offset curve.

Select the 2 oval curves and hit PlanarSrf.

Select the smaller PlanarSrf and with the front view active hit ExtrudeSrf and type in 250.

Select the larger PlanarSrf and with the front view active hit enter to execute the ExtrudeSrf command again and type in 300.

Hit FilletEdge and give the inner surface a 'Radius' of 15. Result shown below.

Hit FilletEdge and give the outer surface a 'Radius' of 35.

Turn on the 'trim curves' layer.

Select the lower trim curve and with the front view active. Extrude the curve through the fender. Shown in progress below.