Page 7 Modeling a Tank: Fenders

Split the inner and outer fender with the trim surface and Delete the lower parts of the fenders.

Note: You can split curves and surfaces with curves, surfaces and polysurfaces. Polysurfaces can only be split with surfaces and polysurfaces.

Split the trim surface with the inner and outer fender keeping the piece of trim surface that lies between them. Result shown below.

Select the upper trim curve and with the front view Extrude the curve through the fender.

Split the outer fender with the trim surface but do not Delete the split off part. This was only done so that we could apply a different color or texture to the skirt part of the fender. As shown below.

Note: There are other ways this fender could have been made like using RailRev but this geometry is less expensive and cleaner.

Hide the 'trim curves' layer.

Window Select all the surfaces SelSrf, SelPolysrf and hit Explode and then hit ShrinkTrimmedSrf.

Unselect the top outside surface of the fender and JoinSrf with the rest of the objects are still selected.

Save out the file as fender.3dm.