Page 8 Modeling a Tank: Turret


Open turret_curves.3dm file and save it out as turret.3dm on your local hard drive in your subdirectory called tank.

Explanation of curves: What we have here are 2 curves that are for a RailRev. One is the profile curve and the oval curve is the rail curve that the 'profile curve' will sweep around. So there's not much to mention about the creation of the construction curves except that if you select the profile curve and turn on the control points you will find that the last 3 points on the top are inline with each other. This is so that when they are sweep around to create the turret the top of the turret will be flat and smooth.

Hit RailRev and select the open curve as the 'profile curve' and the oval curve as the 'path curve.'

With 'End' osnap on, select the top end of the open curve and with the shift key down, for temporary Ortho, drag a axis down. Shown in progress below.

Turn on the 'cannon mount curves' layer. From the front view select the curve shown below and hit Project and select the turret when prompted 'Select surfaces or polysurfaces to project onto:'