Here's a good place to build a toolbar button. If you don't want to, you can use either the or file that has this button included. If you use the or the icon looks the one below.

This is a macro (which is a group of commands) that saves selected geometry to the clipboard (Export ClipBoard) and pastes it into another file (Import Clipboard) without all the layers, which saves some time.

To create this custom button hold 'Ctrl' key down and left click on the copyclip button shown below and click OK when asked if you want to duplicate the button.

Hold the 'Shift' key down and right click on the new button, which will bring up the edit button dialog box. Type in this command in the box under left click:! Export "c:\temp\" and type this command under the right click:! Import "c:\temp\".

In the 'ToolTip' box type: Export ClipBoard | Import Clipboard

Hit the 'Edit Bitmap' button and give the borders of the two pieces of paper a different color border and click OK to close the bitmap editor and hit OK again to leave the 'Edit Toolbar Button' dialog box.

What this new icon does for instance is, say there is an object in one file and you want to move it to another file. What you do is select the object and hit the Export Clipboard icon and close your file. Then open the other file and right click the same button for Import Clipboard and the object will come in without all the layers of the previous file, which can be a confusing hassle. Copyclip and Paste will do the same thing but will also include all of the layers from the first file.

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