Page 1 Modeling Trog: Torso


Open trog1.3dm and save it out as trog1.3dm on your local drive in a new subdirectory called trog. The 'reference curves' layer has curves that you can use or reference through out the tutorial. This tutorial is structured so that you can do everything yourself and use your file all the way through or you can merge reference layers as you go or you can open completed files that are current up to that point in the tutorial.

From the right view sketch out a curve roughing in the shape of the chest and torso as shown below.

Draw another curve defining the back and buttocks. Also add a second reference curve for the ridge on the back.

Go to the front view and draw a curve defining the neck, shoulder, ribs, and stomach. Mirror the curve to the other side.

Select the curves and show control points PtOn and tweak to the get the general form you want, adding knots if necessary (Edit/Point Editing/Insert knot). Also make all the curves end at about the same height as shown below.

On this next part it is important that the CSec sections are in the same places on the torso. Turn on the layer 'point snap.'

Hit CSec (Curve/Csec Profile), the way CSec works is that you make cross sections from profile curves. CSec will ask you to 'Select profile curves in order: , then CSec will ask you for the 'Start of cross-section line' ( Closed=Yes ): be sure to use the 'Closed=Yes' option.