Page 10 Modeling Trog: Torso / Abdominal Muscles

Turn on the 'abbs guide' layer and drag the points shown selected below and individually align them with the 'abbs guide' from the front view, to get the result shown in the second image below.

Select the points shown below and Scale1D them towards the center until they are about 1.5 grids apart.

Hit InsertKnot and select the torso and use the 'Symmetry' option and place a row of knots just to the right and left of the Isoparm's highlighted below

Turn off the 'points guide' and 'abbs' guide layers.

Turn off CullCp and in the right view select the points shown below and Scale1D them about a factor of .5 with the 'origin point' of the scale being just to the right of the selected points so as to flatten the stomach. Shown in progress below.