Page 12 Modeling Trog: Torso / Abdominal Muscles

Turn CullCp off and from the right view select the points shown below and Scale1D them tighter together placing the first reference point at about the center of the selection to get the result shown in the shaded image below.

In the Render options you should change the render mesh options to 'smooth & slower.' If this slows your computer you can change it back when you are satisfied that the ribs look okay.

If there is no visible improvement you can use the ClearAllMeshes command. The present mesh will be cleared and when you re-render a new mesh will be created and the detail will come through.

From the right view (shown from the front view for clarity) select the points shown below and moved them to the right and back about .5 of a unit.

This is kind of a departure from the original curves drawn at the start but it achieves the objective of having a character that looks a little overweight but strong 'Trog.'

That's about it. If you want you can tweak some more and maybe make the pecks a little wider and smooth out the lower abdomen but be sure to save the file out incrementally as you go. Keep in mind that more changes will needed later when the arms and legs are attached. The image below shows the torso after some tweaking to cleavage, solar plexus and pecks area.

Create a new layer and name it 'torso' and ChangeLayer the torso to the new layer and save out your file.