Page 13 Modeling Trog: Legs


Save your file and merge the t5.3dm file or open trog5.3dm for a complete version.

Turn on layer 'leg curves'. In the front and left view we see a reference sketch of the legs. You'll see that the leg isn't positioned right (directly under the torso) but rather than go into a tutorial on construction plane's lets construct it where it is and move the leg over after its roughed in.

NOTE: In the right view select the 'back of the leg' curve and turn on the points, the thing to note here is that there are intentionally more points in the areas where more detail is needed in the resulting surface. Another thing to note is that the three last points at the lower end of the curve (shown selected below) are at the same height, which was accomplished using SetPt to make sure, the final lofted surface has a smooth end.

Hit PtOff and select the 'back of the leg' curve and in the top view and with 'End' osnap on hit PolarArray and snap to the lower end of the curve and left click.

When prompted for 'Number of elements< 1 >:' enter 6 and at the angle to fill prompt except the default of 360. Result shown below.

Select the 6 new curves and hit PtOn.

Conclusion: So what we have here, are six lines which all have the same point count and all the points are at the same height relative to one another which is the main advantage of this method. I should caution here that this is not the only method and can be an undesirable method for some models that are going to be animated. The reason is that around the ankle area it is easier to setup the skin to the bones of the character if the points go around the ankle in more the fashion a bent tube would. But I have done some animation with this character and I didn't have any problems.