Page 14 Modeling Trog: Legs

Create a new Layer and name it 'array' and give the layer a light blue color. ChangeLayer the new curves to this layer.

In the front view select the left curves and the right curves and turn points on as shown below.

Overview: what needs to be done here is by hand move the control points to the right or left so that the 'array' curves line up the profile curve from the front view maintaining the height of the points. After that we'll go to the left view and lined them up there, always maintaining the height of the points using the shift key for temporary Ortho.

Turn CullCp off and Lock Osnaps. Window select a few points at time moving them roughly into position (holding the shift key for temporary Ortho) and then individually aligning them with the profile curve. Make sure when selecting points that you are selecting the points of both curves (seen and unseen.) The way to be sure of doing that is to always window select. Shown in progress below.