Page 16 Modeling Trog: Legs / Leg Detail

Leg Detail

Open trog6.3dm for a complete version to this point if you wish.

Turn on the 'torso' layer. And in the front view move the leg over so the inside of the leg is just beyond the centerline as shown below.

ChangeLayer the leg without the array curves to the default layer if necessary, and turn off the 'array' layer. Make the default layer a different color if you wish.

Select the leg and turn points on PtOn.

Going from the top-down Insertknot between the first and second knots in 'Direction =U.'

Select the top 4 rows of knots and Scale1D them to below the body with the first reference point being placed just above the kneecap and holding shift down for temporary Ortho as shown below.

De-select the points on the inner thigh by holding control down and dragging a window over them