Page 17 Modeling Trog: Legs / Leg Detail

Rotate the remaining selected points with the first reference point being at approximately the upper right hand corner of the leg and then Rotate the points about 45 degrees or you could type in -45, shown below.

Zoom in on the area where the leg and body intersect and draw curve shown below.

Simply hitting Split and selecting the curve as the cutting object and selecting the body will Split the body. Select the trimmed off piece and Delete.

This would be a good time to Mirror over the trim curve. Use the 's' hot key to turn on GridSnap and select the trimmed curve, and Mirror over the trimmed curve and Split the other side as outlined above. Make a 'trimmed curves' layer and ChangeLayer the trim curves to it and hide that layer. Results shown below.

Hit MatchSrf and select the top edge of the leg as the 'surface to change' and select the trimmed edge of the body as the 'surface to match' and use the 'Automatic' option.

Hit enter to open the MatchSrf dialog.

In the MatchSrf dialog choose the tangency option, uncheck the 'refine' option and hit OK.