Page 18 Modeling Trog: Legs / Leg Detail

Overview: The curvature option is a more refined surface match and we will use that later after the leg has been refined manually which will help keep the geometry simpler. Also we will not mirror the leg over to the other side until the leg we're working on is sculpted to our satisfaction. If you render the leg you will see that the edges don't match well at all yet.

From the front view hit InsertKnot and add three knots in the 'V' direction to each side of the center Isoparm. Another way to do it is to use the 'Symmetry' option and add 3 Isoparm's to 1 side of the center isoparm as shown below.

Select the leg and turn on the control points PtOn and make sure CullCP is on. Select the 3 points as shown below and hit AddNextV twice which should select the 2 rows of points below the points selected.

Make sure DynamicShadingPerspective is on, go to the right view and move the points to the left a little say about .6 of a unit. If the detail is not coming through hit ClearMeshAll and re-render Shade with the perspective view active.

Note for clarification: The grids are setup to be one grid equals one unit.

Optional: another thing you might want to experiment with here is the Nudge command. Hit Nudge and give it the settings shown below.

Undo the points move. Shade the perspective view. While holding down the Alt key press the down arrow 3 times. Tap the spacebar to refresh the perspective view. Again pressing the Alt key down, press the up arrow and then tap the spacebar (with no Alt key) to refresh the view. So as you can see, with some practice, this is kind of a nice way to make minor incremental modifications and get some quick feedback.

Also you can adjust how much the points move by hitting the Nudge icon and making changes in the distance part of the dialog box also you'll notice that you can you can change how far the points move with different key combinations.Undo any nudge experimenting.