Page 22 Modeling Trog: Legs / Back leg

Back leg

Change the front view to the back view and the right view to the left view. Shade the back view. I think there's too much of a bulge on the inner leg where the leg meets the body.

With CullCp still off, select the four points shown below and hit Smooth and with a smooth factor of .1, Smooth the points.

Shaded results shown below.

Conclusion: Well, it looks much better but it's not matching up to the body very well.

Go to the right view and Insertknot to the middle of the inner leg with the 'Symmetry' option still on, and with the InsertKnot still active turn off 'Symmetry' and add 2 knots to both sides of the first knot inserted to just the inside part of the leg as shown below.