Page 23 Modeling Trog: Legs / Back leg

Hit MatchSrf and select the leg edge as the surface to change and select the body edge as the target surface and use the 'Automatic' option. And check off the curvature option. Hit okay. Result shown below.

MatchSrf the same surfaces together again but this time use the 'Curvature' option in the MatchSrf dialog box.

Hit Undo and hit InsertKnot with 'Direction=U' as shown below and MatchSrf the 2 surfaces back together as before but with the curvature option.

Note: The only reason we inserted knot's to the inside of the leg was so that MatchSrf had enough Isoparm's to blend correctly. We could have used the refine option in the MatchSrf dialog box which will add Isoparm's automatically but that will add to much complexity to the object.