Page 27 Modeling Trog: Arms

Make a new layer called 'arm' and make it current layer.

De-select everything by clicking anywhere in the view and turn on 'End' osnap.

Hit Loft and type 'p' for the 'Point' option and click on the end of the profile curves where they all meet and then click on the rest of the section curves in order.

Use the 'Rebuild with 12-control points' option and hit OK.

Turn off the 'profile curves', 'section curves' and 'annotate' layers.

With CullCp off in the front view and with DynamicShadingPerspective on, select the 3 points shown below.

Drag the points down about 3/4 grid and to the right about .5 grid as shown below.

Check the direction Dir of the arm and 'FlipNormal' the 'U' direction so that the 'select points' toolbox corresponds to the object.

In the front view hit NextU and drag the 3 Points about 2.5 grids to the left and 1.5 grid down as shown below.

Hit NextU once and drag about 1.5 grids to the left and about .5 grid down.

Hit ClearMeshAll and quick render to bring out the detail.