Page 31 Modeling Trog: Arms


In the front view with CullCp off, window select the all of the end points, there should be 3 concentric rings. If you're not sure their selected, select the center point at the pole and 2 more going out from it in any direction and hit SelV. Selection shown below.

With the front view active hit SetPt and check off only the 'X' box and line up the points to about where they were.

Note: The difference is that they are all lined up going to the pole which as the effect on any surface of rounding the end without any creases or folds as shown below.

From the front view hit Rotate and click a position at the base of the selected points and at the second reference point click straight up above the select points and then swing the points 90 degrees to the left as shown below.

In the top view select the 3 points shown below and drag to the left 7.5 grids.