Page 32 Modeling Trog: Arms

Hit NextU and drag the points 6 grids to the left. Result after dragging shown below.

Turn CullCp off and holding shift down, window select the points shown below to add them to the previous selection.

Right click on the Smooth options and if the 'Smooth factor' is at 0.1 click OK and left click on the Smooth icon once more. Or the Smooth option could be changed to 0.2 and hit once, but it should be mentioned that the result is not quite the same.

Note: Looking at the arm over all it doesn't look proportionately correct. Let's start off by making the paw shorter using Scale1D.

With CullCp off select all the points of the paw. Refer to the black line below the paw, shown below for where the first reference point is (to the right), and the second point is (end of the paw tips), and the where the scale factor point is, at the cross hairs (scale factor of .8).

Note: I almost always hold the shift key down when scaling. However after the second reference point is established you can type in the scale factor.

With CullCp on select the points shown below and drag them 2 grids to the left.