Page 34 Modeling Trog: Arms / Claws


Overview: Let's add some claws which can be relatively easy but mistakes can be made which I'll point out along the way for future reference.

From the top view hit Ellipsoid and place a point above the paw to establish the center of the ellipsoid and drag it to the left about 2.5, which you can see in the status bar.

After you established the end of the first axis you can type in the distance of the other two axis, .5 and .4

Note: What could have given unexpected results at this time was if you had dragged down instead of sideways to establish the first axis. The first axis establishes where the poles are oriented.

Select the ellipsoid and hit RebuildSrf and give it '4 points U' and '4 points V'

In the front view with the ellipsoid selected hit Bend. For the 'Start' of spine point click the right end of the ellipsoid and for the 'End' of spine point click on the left side of the ellipsoid (make sure you click just beyond the end of the ellipsoid or you will get weird results). For the 'Point' to bend through drag down until the ellipsoid is bent down about 90 degrees as shown in progress below.

Rotate the claw 90 degrees.

Select the point shown below and right click on the Smooth icon to get the smooth options and for smooth factor type in 1. and hit OK.

This should give the results shown below.