Page 35 Modeling Trog: Arms / Claws

Select the point shown below.

Hit SelU and hit PrevV and drag the selected points to the left just enough to uncover the points that are being covered by the selected points shown below.

Hit PrevV again and drag the points about 1 grid to the left.

From the front view hit Scale2D and scale the claw down a factor of .5.

Turn points off PtOff and drag the claw into position on the paw.

Drag the claw into position for the first claw and in the top view hit Copy 'InPlace' and drag down to position the middle nail and Copy 'InPlace' again and drag down to the position of the third claw shown below.

If you turn the points on PtOn and select the end points of the claws you can move them around for different looks.