Page 36 Modeling Trog: Arms / Joining the Arms to the Torso

Joining the Arms to the Torso

Overview: The actual blending of the arm to the torso is an easy thing to do but some modeling adjustments need to be made to make it look right. Now I could have structured this tutorial so that no adjustments would have been necessary but that wouldn't be realistic. It's a natural process to have the model evolving as you go and discovering new things about the character that you hadn't thought about when you started. Actually that's what makes modeling a character interesting to me. When I started the character I wasn't really satisfied with back and shoulder but I figured I would come back to it when I had the arm finished and I had something to go from. So let's do this let's bring the shoulder and back area closer to where the arm is and add some detail to the back as well.

As you can see from the view above the back of the arm is quite a ways away from the back.

Change the front view to the back view.

Turn CullCp on and select the 8 points shown below and in the left view drag the points about 1.4 grids to the left. Be sure to have DynamicShadingPerspective on and have the perspective view similar to the top image so that you can eyeball it.

Select the points shown below and drag them down about 4.25 grids.

In the left view drag the points to the left about 2.5 grids.

Scale1D the same points closer together with the center of the back as the origin point ('0' + enter) and enter .25, hold down the Shift key for temporary Ortho and click to the right of the origin reference point. Result shown below.