Page 37 Modeling Trog: Arms / Joining the Arms to the Torso

Note: We're going to MatchSrf the arm to the torso to get a better idea of how things are taking shape.

Hit Pull (which is a tool that pulls a curve towards a surface by its nearest points) and select the edge of the arm when prompted to 'select curves to pull back' and select the 'torso' when prompted to 'Select surface that pulls:'

Split the 'torso' with the curve that was pulled to the surface and Delete the shoulder part of the 'torso.'

MatchSrf the arm to the torso. Hit MatchSrf select the edge of the arm and then the edge of the trim on the torso and use the 'Automatic' option. Hit enter, and in the MatchSrf dialog select 'Curvature' and uncheck everything else.

With CullCp still on and from the back view select the 12 points shown below and drag them up 1 grid.

Select the 2 points shown below and drag them up 2 grids.

One thing to do on the back that really looks good is to widen out the lattes.

Select the 4 points shown below and Scale1D with the origin point in the center (0 + enter.)

Enter 1.4 when prompted for the 'Scale factor' and hold down the Shift key for temporary Ortho and click to the right of the origin reference point.

Change from the back view to the front view and select the 8 points shown below and in the left view drag them to the left about 2 grids.