Page 42 Modeling Trog: Head / Baggie Eyes

Baggie Eyes

Overview: the next part here will cover some basic modeling techniques using Sweep2, Project, and working with profile curves and 3-D geometry together using Osnap. If you don't have an alias-key setup for osnap this would be a good time to do it. I use the 'f' key for freeze, unfreeze osnap.

Overview: The first thing needed is to make a curve that forms the outside ring of the 'baggy eyes' that corresponds to the profile curve and the geometry of the torso and will also be a foundation for the beak.

Save your file or open trog9.3dm

In the left view select the outer ring shown below and Project it to the surfaces of the torso and shoulder.

In the perspective view turn 'Near' Osnap on and hit InterpCrv.

Place the starting point of the curve just a little back from the tip of the top of the crest as shown below.

Note: If there is a inadvertent point created in the wrong place type in 'u' + enter.

As your working the curve around the edge you'll notice that the light purple curve starts to trail away from the edge of the crest. Start following the projected purple curve instead of the edge.