Page 43 Modeling Trog: Head / Baggie Eyes

Continue the curve snapping to the light purple projected curve around until you get to the front of the shoulder.

Note: At this point we only have the profile curve in the left view to go by and we need to place the control points in 3-D space back to the beginning of the curve.

Turn off Osnaps and in the left view hold the 'Ctrl' key down and place a point at the lowest part of the profile curve. At this point you'll notice in the front view, a white line is attached to the point and you can finish the placement of the point in the front view, shown below.

Go back to the left view and holding the 'Ctrl" key down again place another point on the profile curve and in the front view finish the placement of the point working your way closer to the beginning point of the curve, shown below.

Continue working your way up the profile curve placing points in 3-D space using the 'Ctrl' key and close the curve, shown below.