Page 44 Modeling Trog: Head / Baggie Eyes

Note: now that we have to our outer ring we need to place the inner ring which forms the eye lids somewhere on the same general plane. Here's a quick and easy way to do it.

Select the outer ring and hit Patch and uncheck the 'tangency' option and click Ok. Result shown below. Some curves are hidden for clarity.

In the left view select the inner ring and hit Project and select the patch as the surface to project to. Delete the patch.

Select the new projected curve and the outer baggy eyes curve and ChangeLayer them to the 'baggy eyes' layer. Turn off the 'head profile 2' layer.

In the front view with Osnaps off draw a couple curves similar to the selected curves shown below, with no Osnaps on.

In the perspective view and with the 'End' and 'near' Osnap on select the upper cross-section curve.

Hit Orient and select the upper and lower ends of the curve when prompted for 'reference point' 1 and 2.

For target point 1 select the end point of the outer ring and for target point 2 near snap to the inner ring and (while keeping a eye on the left view) position the reference point so that the cross-section curve is approximately perpendicular to the two ring curves.

Repeat for the lower curve as shown below.

Note: Actually right here we need to make a small adjustment. When I originally showed how to place points in 3-D space using the control key to form the outer ring I didn't allow enough room for the beak. In the front view select the outer ring and turn points on and adjust points to be similar to the selected points shown below.

Turn points off and select the two rings and the 2 cross-section curves and then hit Sweep2. Make sure 'Closed sweep' is checked off and 'Rebuild with 15 control points.' You can also checked on Shaded preview and Rebuild with more or less points and hit preview until you get the desired results. Click OK. If the torso skin shows through as shown below, Undo the Sweep2 and adjust the lower curve and repeat Sweep2.