Page 48 Modeling Trog: Head / Lower Beak

Lower Beak

Overview: the lower beak is done the same way as the upper beak but we'll need to repair the SplitEdge we did for the upper beak and then Split that edge in a new area.

Delete the left eye.

Open the 'Edge Tools' toolbox. Select the baggy eye and hit PointsAtNakedEdges. This shows you where the edges stop and start as shown below. Delete the points.

Hit MergeEdge and click on the front edge of baggy eyes.

Hit PointsAtNakedEdges to check if the edges merged as shown below. Delete the points.

Hit SplitEdge and select the right edge of baggy eye and 'split' it at about the same height as the lower beak profile curve. Shown below with cross hairs for clarity