Page 49 Modeling Trog: Head / Lower Beak

Turn on the torso layer and hit SplitEdge again and select the lower right edge of baggy eye and 'split' it a little to the left of where the torso begins as shown below.

Select baggy eye and in the front view with GridSnap on. Mirror the baggy eye across the centerline or hit Mirror and type in '0' and with Shift held down for temporary Ortho click above the 'Origin point.'

Select the upper beak and the torso and Hide them. Also Hide the 'profile curves' for the upper beak.

To make the ends of the edge curves easier to find select both baggy eyes and hit PointsAtNakedEdges.

With 'Point' Osnap on hit InterpCrv and draw a curve snapping to the ends of the 'split' edge and then the end of the profile curve and ending at the end of the 'split' edge on the opposite side as shown below.

Repeat the above steps with the lower ends of the 'split' edges and profile curve as shown below.

Select the lower curve just created and hit EditPtOn and in the left view select the middle edit points and in the front view Scale1D them closer to the center as shown below.