Page 6 Modeling Trog: Torso / Select Point Toolbox

Setup the direction Dir of the U and V of the surface so that the arrows on the U and V icons in the 'Select Points' toolbox coincide with the U/V direction of the surface. This makes control point selecting much faster and intuitive an shouldn't interfere with any other commands other than SrfMerge, which is dependent upon the U/V of the surface, and is an easy fix using the Dir command.

Hit Dir and click on the torso, the white arrows are showing the normal's direction and there is a red and green arrow coming from the center of the cross hair's. The way the arrows are pointing as shown below is correct for this tutorial.

If the green arrow was pointing up then you would enter 'v' (short for 'VReverse') and if the red arrow was pointing to the left you would enter 'u' (short for 'UReverse'.) If the green arrow was pointing horizontally and the red arrow vertically you would enter 's' (short for 'SwapUV') which swaps both the U and V directions.