Page 7 Modeling Trog: Torso / Booty


Save your file or open trog2.3dm for a complete version.

Similar modeling methods need to be used for the buttocks as compared to the ridge except the opposite as you will see in a minute.

Select lowest point that we used to make the ridges as shown below.

Right click the AddNextV twice.

Drag the points to your left about 2.5 units

Left and Right click AddPrevU AddNextV.

In the top view Scale1D the selected points together with the origin point being approximately on the center line and picking a first reference line out side them and dragging the points close together with shift held down to pinch the booty.

De-select the top row of points then left and right click AddNextU AddNextV twice each, in which order doesn't matter. Drag the points to the right about 1.3 units to the left or until they line up with the booty profile curve as shown below.

Move the points up about 1 grid to get rid of some of that "sitting at the computer too long spread".

Things to remember are keep things symmetrical (not perfect but close enough to keep the points organized) use the shift key to keep things Ortho. Use the stretch tool. Many times you can enter '0' to establish the 'Origin Point' and use the shift key for temporary Ortho when using the scale tools to keep the points symmetrical. Use Next and Prev to navigate your selection around.