Page 9 Modeling Trog: Torso / Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal Muscles

Save your file and Merge t4.3dm or open trog4.3dm for a complete version.

Overview: The reason 'Rebuild with 8 points' originally was used was so that the points wouldn't be hard to choose, the reason Lofted with 'Rebuild with 16 points' was used was for the same reason. The abdomen muscles will add a lot of complexity to the torso, which is why we saved it for last.

Note: Showing the definition of the ribs can also be accomplished using displacement or bump mapping. Bump mapping can be a very effective tool for smaller details like the texture of scaly skin or wrinkles on the forehead or on the fingers and it takes no extra geometry. But for this modeling exercise everything will be done with geometry.

Unless you are doing this tutorial from scratch you can Delete the 'reference curves' and 'reference points' layers.

Turn CullCp on and select the points shown below and Scale1D them in until they are about 1.5 grids apart.

Select the points shown below and in the right view drag them about .75 to the right.

From the right view hit PtOff and turn on the 'points guide' layer.

With CullCp on, hit InsertKnot and select the torso as the surface for knot insertion, use the 'Direction' option and enter 'U' and add knot's according to where the selected points are shown below.