Overview Modeling Trog

Modeled in Rhinoceros by Michael Philbrick

Modeling Trog

By Michael Philbrick

This tutorial covers the modeling of a character, including defining some of its musculature. Note as you proceed through the project that a rough form will be created first, and then detail such as musculature will be added to the different body parts. Click here to get started...

• Part 1 Torso
Torso Page 1
Ridge on the back Page 4
Select Point Toolbox Page 5
Booty Page 7
Chest Page 8
Abdominal Muscles Page 9
• Part 2 Legs
Legs Page 13
Leg Detail Page 16
Back Leg Page 22
• Part 2 Arms
Arms Page 26
Claws Page 34
Joining the Arms to the Torso Page 36
• Part 3 Head
Crest Page 39
Baggy Eyes Page 42
The Eye Page 45
Upper Beak Page 46
Lower Beak Page 48