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Vaclav Cizkovsky rendered "Lipozilla" for Taisho Pharmeceutical, who make an "energy drink" called Lipovitan, seen in lipozilla's hand. To avoid directly copying Godzilla, Vaclav created a combination Godzilla and T-Rex for the ad.

About The Artist:

Vaclav Cizkovsky is an artist in Linz, Austria, an is currently looking for a better job, outside of Austria. You can e-mail Vaclav at vaclav@aec.at or explore his web site at http://www.firstfloor.org/sooshee/.

Behind The Scenes:

Vaclav modelled Lipozilla using NURBS in Softimage 3D. He used many pictures of Godzilla as visual reference, as well as the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. To help speed the production and meet his deadline, he didn't use any blend surfaces, and just combined parts by overlapping them where they couldn't be merged.

Many details in the model were added through displacement mapping, including the ridges and nostrils on the head, and the ribs on the neck and chest. Some of the maps applied to the color and specularity were based on scanned images of a real surface, that Vaclav heavily processed in Photoshop.

The lighting is created with 4 point lights, with some of them tinted slightly orange, and the fill lights tinted blue for contrast. Shadows cast onto the model add realism and help break up the surface.

This was created as a still picture. The skeleton was only added for the purpose of posing him, and he has not yet been animated. Vaclav would like to make an animation with him some day, but has a very slow computer. (Will someone please hire this guy?! -ed.)

For more behind-the-scenes information, Vaclav is making a tutorial available on his own web site, at http://www.firstfloor.org/sooshee/lipozilla/tutorial/tutorial.html.