Visiting Artist Series

Jeremy Birn rendered this character called "Goofy Gus" for a development project at Palomar Pictures in 1996.  The character was conceived by director Tom Stern, although this test rendering was not the final appearance that Tom was looking for.

About The Artist:

Jeremy is a freelance animator in Hollywood, California.  He earned his MFA at the Art Center College of Design, and has formerly worked as an Animation Director at Palomar Pictures.  He teaches a computer graphics course at Cal Arts in Valencia, CA, and is the director of the "Secrets of Softimage 3D" instructional videos.

Jeremy is not really a "visitor" to 3dRender.com, he is the webmaster, and has more of his work on display in the Productions, Tutorials, and Thesis sections of 3dRender.com.  This first image by the webmaster was used to launch this Visiting Artist Series on September 29, 1997.  Since that date, many pages have been added to this section, featuring different artists from around the world.

Behind The Scenes:

The fur on the skin, and the sweat and tears on the tounge and eyes, are all particles created in Alias Power Animator.  The test rendering below shows the exact same model, but with different shaders.  The shaders in the image below apply different textures to the surface, and do not emit any particles.

Notice how big a difference is made by different shaders.  Sometimes it helps to remember that your shaders are what the viewer actually sees, and that your geometry only determines where the shaders will show up.