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Ulf Lundgren rendered this image, called "Picard," because he is fascinated by different character's facial features, and is also a fan of the Star Trek television series. To Ulf, "the most interesting task was to make the Picard model look as realistic as possible." He adds that "modeling a well known character made the task extra delicate."

About The Artist:

Ulf Lundgren is a Swedish student, studying computer graphics and animation. His main interests are in modeling and texturing. Ulf has been working with 3D graphics since 1993.

You can send e-mail to Ulf at kp96uln@kp.hgs.se, or see more of his work on his web site, at http://www.kp.hgs.se/~kp96uln.

Behind The Scenes:

The model was built using the Surface Tools plug-in for 3d Studio Max. A wireframe showing how he models a head is shown below.

The texture maps were painted in Fractal Design Detailer. Ulf painted three maps for the head: one for the color, one for the bump mapping, and one to control the shininess (or "specularity") of the surface.