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Thomas Miller rendered "The Nest" as a part of a class project at East Tennessee State University's Advanced Visualization Lab. The assignment was to create a scene with realistic textures and lighting.

About The Artist:

Thomas is currently earning his BFA. He has worked as a freelance illustrator, and hopes to work in either special effects or character animation professionally. You can e-mail Thomas at digisaur@preferred.com.

Behind The Scenes:

Thomas chose his basement as a subject in part because of the "disgusting" textures there, which he wanted to try to capture in a 3D rendering, and also because it was an easily reachable source of photo reference. He took pictures with a Minolta X700 camera, and used Adobe Photoshop on a Power Macintosh to process the photographs into texture maps before applying them in Softimage 3D for his final rendering. A wireframe of the scene in Softimage is shown below, so that you can see which details in the scene he decided to map, and which he decided to model.