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Lonnie Bailey rendered this image "Tropical Stream" to see if Ray Dream Studio 5.0 (running on his Mac OS system) was capable of handling the complexity of a natural environment.

About The Artist:

Lonnie Bailey is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design, where he majored in Fine Art and minored in Illustration. He now lives near San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Lonnie works for SCS America, where he designs and illustrates web sites. You can send e-mail to Lonnie at baily19@netmagic.net, or explore more of his work his web site.

Behind The Scenes:

Lonnie rendered this scene in Ray Dream Studio 5.0 by MetaCreations, along with the support of a variety of other Mac OS programs. The wireframe below is almost solid with lines, showing how many intricate models were used in the scene. While Tree Professional by ONYX Computing made the creation of the tree models simple, and CloneIt software by ZenStar facilitated the duplication of the plant life onto the terrain, the rendering itself took many hours. He also used Adobe Photoshop and MetaCreations (formerly from Fractal Design) Painter 5 in creating the image. "The most important thing I learned in this," says Lonnie, "is that sometimes things are better done in post editing, rather than trying to model complex objects or intricate detail."