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Cristobal Vila created "Bereber Still Life" as a personal project, trying to "paint a classical still life" with modern tools.

Cristobal lives and works in Zaragoza, Spain, and has 15 years experience in graphic design and illustration, both traditional and computer aided.  Since he introduced himself to the world of 3D graphics 3 years ago, he has adopted it as his favored medium.  Five months ago he founded a small company called "Eterea Animation Studios."

The scene was created in Electric Image (pictured below), running on a Power Macintosh 9600.  Cristobal thinks that the Macintosh has a great future in 3D graphics, especially with the announcement of Maya coming to OS X (to join Lightwave, Cinema 4D, and Electric Image Universe which are already available.)  He likes Electric Image, even though character animation is "a pain" and he wishes the company would be quicker with upgrades, it is a robust program with excellent image quality, an excellent modeller, a flexible shader system, and the ability to render large, complex scenes quickly.

The scene is lit mainly by one omnidirectional light at the candle flame.  He also added a few dimmer lights to fill in the shadow areas, trying to avoid the cold CGI appearance that harsh shadows can create.  All of the textures are bitmap images processed in Photoshop. One procedural fractal noise shader was also used to perturb some of the surfaces.