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Matthew Park rendered "Cicadas" in 3D Studio Max, as a shot for a TV series.  He is working in Seoul, South Korea, but doing this project in collaboration with Idea Factory, based in Japan.  Even though there are other modellers working on the project, Matthew wanted to model this insect because of his interest in nature.

Matthew majored in industrial design in Korea, and plans to work soon in the United States.  More of Matthew's work can be seen on his web site, www.matthew3d.pe.kr.

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After finding pictures of real Cicadas for reference, Matthew modelled the insect in 3D Studio Max, using NURMS, a new subdivision-surface variant which Matthew found to be very powerful.

All of the textures were painted in a paint program (none were directly scanned from photographs.)  Rendering included the use of raytrace shaders in Max, which allowed for shadows to be correctly calculated from transparency-mapped wings.

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