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Jeremy A. Engleman rendered "The Old Man" in Softimage 3D, initially "as a study in facial modelling."  Jeremy also wanted to convey "a sense of person and intelligence."

About The Artist:

Jeremy attended The University of Colorado, where he studied "photography, painting, sculpture and art history," but as he tells the rest of the story "I'm sorry to say I never finished. I received an internship at a local video production house where I discovered 3D graphics (doing flying logos, of course). I knew this was what I wanted to do. So I began my own study of this medium, as the school had absolutely nothing in the way of computer-based art courses. From there I started getting work on various projects, building my software experience and also my eye (it is important in this technical industry to never neglect your aesthetic eye)." You can see a lot more of Jeremy Engleman's work on his web site, at www.art.net/~jeremy.

Behind The Scenes:

Jeremy created some sketches to start the design. "It's best to decide the composition first, so you know what you do or don't have to model."

He started modeling with the head, first creating the general form in NURBS in Softimage 3D, and then converting to polygons and adding detail in Lightwave 3D. A version of the scene in Softimage 3D is shown below.