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Greg Newton hails from Detroit, Michigan, and thought that building and rendering this model would be "the cheapest way to have his own mga."

About The Artist:

Greg now works at Midway Games in San Diego, and previously worked in Detroit doing automobile visualization. Greg thanks Mark Adams for advice with surfacing, and thanks Duncan Brinsmead for advice on the car paint shader.

You can send e-mail to Greg at newt@midway.com.

Behind The Scenes:

The modelling and rendering were done in the same way that most cars are originally visualized at car companies: it was modelled out of trimmed NURBS, using Alias AutoStudio 6.0 through Alias Power Animator version 7.5 . The images below show the Alias wireframe just prior to trimming half of the car, and then a shaded view of the trimmed body. The curves on the wireframe surface show where regions will be trimmed to cut wheel-wells and other openings into the body surface. Greg worked hard to get smooth, realistically curving surfaces; most were created with bi-rail or square functions. Using trims allows the hood and doors to be cut from a continuous section of the body surface. Greg explains that the intricate wheel models "are just a bunch of bent tubes, instanced around a revolved cross-section."

The realistic car paint shader has been adjusted so that you see more reflections when you look at the paint at an angle, than when looking at it straight-on.